Cross-validation of Homoarginine ELISA and LC/MS data in human plasma samples Cross-validation of Homoarginine ELISA and LC/MS data in human plasma samples Typical standard curve of Homoarginine ELISA # IS-I-0500 : Homoarginine (hARG) ELISA kit

Cross-validation of Homoarginine ELISA and LC/MS data in human plasma samples

hArg was quantified in human plasma samples from 40 healthy subjects either using IS-I-0500 ELISA kit or by liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC/MS). Correlation coefficient of 0.964 confirms the accuracy of the immunoassay.

HomoArginine ELISA kit

Ref: IS-I-0500

HomoArginine (hArg) is a basic non-essential amino acid that exerts beneficial effects on vascular homeostasis, more likely through the increase of nitric oxide (NO) that can be explained through two mechanisms since hArg i) serves as a precursor of NO and ii) favors the elevation of L-Arg - main substrate of NO synthase - by inhibiting the enzyme Arginase.

The homoArginine (hArg) ELISA kit allows for the determination of hArg in serum and plasma samples working with a sample volume of 20μL. The kit is easy to implement and well suited for both preclinical and clinical studies.


Sample type
Serum, Plasma

96 tests

Sensitivity 125nM
Range 0.32 - 12.5µM
Assay time Sample preparation 3h, ELISA overnight
Species reactivity Reacts with all species
Indicative exchange rate
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Product overview

Product name HomoArginine ELISA kit
Description Competitive ELISA kit for the quantitative measurement of Homoarginine (hARG) in serum and plasma samples. For research use only.
Format 96-well plate
Samples Serum, Plasma
Minimal sample volume 20 µL
Species reactivity React with all species
Standard range 0.32 - 12.5 µM

125 nM


No significant cross-reactivity was observed with L-Arginine, Agmatine, L-Citruline, L-Ornithine, ADMA and SDMA.

Assay time Sample preparation 3h and ELISA overnight
Storage Store at 2-8°C for up to 6 months.
Datasheets  Instructions for useMaterial Safety Datasheet

Key steps

Sample collection & storage

Serum: Do not use lipemic, haemolytic samples, as well as samples containing precipitates or fibrin strands.

Store samples at 2-8°C for up to 48h or -20°C for longer period (up to 6 months).

Sample preparation

Sample preparation (3 hours)

ELISA Homoarginine antiserum overnight incubation, revelation and read steps (1h).
Detailed protocol Download instructions for use

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