Immunoassays for food safety and hygiene monitoring

ImmuSmol is currently developing a range of antibodies and immunoassays for food safety and hygiene monitoring. Our small molecule targets include biogenic amines such as histamine, together with natural contaminants and pesticide residues.

Fast ELISA kit for histamine monitoring in fish samples
Histamine ELISA kit Any fish sample Samples: 10 g fish sample
LoD: 0.44 ppm
Duration: 30 min
Format: 1 x 48 wells

This fast Histamine ELISA kit was validated and certified by the AOAC Research Institute as an effective met... Learn more ...

Ref: FC-E-3600
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Histamine ELISA kit Any food or beverage sample Samples: 1-10g / 10-20µl
LoD: 0.15 µg/l
Duration: 75 min
Format: 1x 96 wells

This high-sensitive Histamine ELISA kit is tailored for the monitoring of histamine in food and beverage sam... Learn more ...

Ref: FC-E-3100
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Rapid Histamine Test fish samples Samples: 10g fish
LoD: Cut-off at 50 ppm
Duration: 12 min
Format: 24 tests

This Histamine dipstick assay kit is tailored for the rapid screening of fish samples (fresh, canned, salted... Learn more ...

Ref: FC-L-3200
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