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Immunodetection of small molecule biomarkers

Metabolite biomarker case study

Anti-L-kynurenine antibody for IHC and ELISA detection

Essential amino acid L-Tryptophan is converted to L-Kynurenine either through indoleamine-2,3-dioxygenase 1/2 (IDO1/2) or tryptophan-2,3-oxygenase (TDO2) enzymes. Abnormal tryptophan metabolism along the kynurenine pathway has been shown to promote tumor immune espace as well as neurodegenerative disorders and infectious diseases.
Direct detection of L-Kynurenine is therefore critical to stratify patients harboring exaggerated tryptophan catabolism and to assess the efficacy of drug candidates targeting IDO1, IDO2 and/or TDO2.


  • To develop a monoclonal antibody against L-Kynurenine
  • To validate the antibody for L-Kynurenine detection by IHC
  • To set up a novel immunoassay for accurate L-Kynurenine quantitation in biological fluids

1Development of anti-L-Kynurenine antibody (mouse monoclonal)


  • High specificity: no cross-reactivity with L-Kynurenine analogs
  • Cross-species reactivity: Antibody can detect L-Kynurenine both in experimental models and human samples

2IHC validation of L-Kynurenine antibody

IHC detection of L-Kynurenine in human paraffin-embedded colon cancer tissues. Staining protocol: pH=6 antigen retrieval, overnight incubation with anti-L-Kynurenine antibody (1/500 dilution), polymer-conjugated secondary Ab, DAB revelation)


  • Compatibility with routine diagnostic technologies
  • Fast diagnostic of Kynurenine-positive cancer patients

3Development of a novel immunoassay for L-Kynurenine quantification


  • Validation of an ELISA protocol 50 times more sensitive than standard protocol without derivatization, capable of substituting to LC/MS
  • High-throughput and fast results: 96-well plates, 4 hour lead-time


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