Immusmol: the Small Molecule Antibody Company


Founded in 2012 by immunologist Dr Alban Bessede, ImmuSmol aims at becoming a natural choice for small molecule antibodies. Supported by a French group with annual revenues exceeding 1,3 billion euros, the company was established in 2013 in Pessac, France, just a few miles from the famous "Pessac-Léognan" Bordeaux wine estates.

Our focus: antibodies targeting small molecules

ImmuSmol stands for “immunoglobulins [antibodies] against small molecules”. While traditional antibodies only recognize large molecules such as proteins, ImmuSmol designs and develops antibodies capable of targeting low molecular weight entities (<900 Da).

Amino acids, lipids, saccharids, toxins, drugs, … virtually any small molecule can thus be addressed with high affinity and specificity. Fully compatible with existing antibody-based technologies, small molecule antibodies are opening a whole new set of possibilities in research, diagnostics and therapy.

Three core applications