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Polyclonal antibodies to Tryptophan / Kynurenine metabolites now available

06/13/2014 Polyclonal antibodies to Kynurenine metabolites

NEW! ImmuSmol releases rabbit polyclonal antibodies against Tryptophan / Kynurenine metabolites, all validated for IHC in human samples.
Picture: L-Kynurenine detection by IHC in human colorectal cancer tissue using anti-L-Kynurenine rabbit pAb.

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ImmuSmol at BioEurope Spring 2014

03/10/2014 ImmuSmol at BioEurope Spring 2014

ImmuSmol will be in Turin for Bioeurope Spring 2014, on March 10-12. Contact us to arrange a meeting!

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Antibodies against small molecules - IHC & ELISA applications

03/03/2014 Antibodies against small molecules - ImmuSmol services

A short overview of ImmuSmol's services for the development of antibodies against small molecules, and their subsequent validation for small molecule detection by ELISA or IHC.

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Small molecule detection using antibodies

02/20/2014 Small molecule detection using antibodies

Small molecule antibodies constitute a powerful alternative to mass spec and aptamer-based technologies for small molecule detection, building on the advantages of existing immunodetection methods such as ELISA and IHC. Overview...

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