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Validated antibodies cited in many recent publications

Serving as chemical messengers, neurotransmitters play a key role in several physiological processes. Neurotransmitter imbalance can be specifically associated with diseases, e.g. dopamine production default in Parkinson’s disease or altered level of serotonin in depression. Also, different drug development programs have been conducted in order to alleviate such an imbalance and ultimately even stop the disease progression.

Tools allowing for the determination of neurotransmitter content and localization might be valuable to delineate more in depth neuronal biology in both physiological and pathological situations, as well as to investigate mechanisms of action of novel disease-targeting pharmacological approaches.

For this purpose, we have set up and validated a series of antibodies targeting key neurotransmitters, including among others dopamine, serotonin, glutamate, noradrenaline. Besides antibodies, and for appropriate biological sample preparation, we developed an immunostaining kit that allows for immunofluorescence staining of varied types of biological materials, as illustrated in some recent publications.


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GABA (#IS039), L-Glutamate (#IS1001).

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Dopamine (#IS1005).