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Our L-Arginine ELISA kit recently cited in
Annals of Oncology!
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Quantify L-Lysine by a simple method as ELISA
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Interested in Neurotransmitter imaging ?

Try our validated antibodies

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We develop antibodies and immunoassays

capable of detecting amino acids, saccharides, neurotransmitters and neuromediators, lipids, toxins… and drugs!

Through our range of ELISA kits and immunoglobulins, Immusmol open the way of low molecular weight entities for new set of possibilities in research, diagnostic and therapy.


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The three kits included in the pack are ready to use. Highly sensitive, with a minimum sample volume of 25-50µL, they enable pre-clinical and clinical sample testings.

Kynurenine/Kynurenic Acid/Quinolinic Acid ELISA pack (3-KYNs ELISA pack)


Sample: 25-50µL
LoD: KYN: 47.5ng/ml / KYNA: 0.53ng/ml / QA: 6ng/ml
Standard range: KYN: 100 – 10000ng/ml / KYNA: 1.40 – 74ng/ml / QA: 25 – 2000ng/ml


Epinephrine – Norepinephrine ELISA kit – Any sample


Sample: 1 – 750µl
LoD: Epinephrine: 6.6pg/ml / Norepinephrine: 2.6pg/ml
Standard range: Epinephrine: 0/0.5 – 80ng/ml / Norepinephrine: 0/0.2 – 32ng/ml


STAINperfect – Trial pack


Choose 2 primary antibodies to be included in your pack



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The two kits included in the pack are ready to use, optimized for the quantitation of Kynurenic Acid (KYNA) and Quinolinic Acid (QA) within serum and plasma samples.

Kynureninic Acid/Quinolinic Acid ELISA pack


Sample: 25-50µL
LoD: KYNA: 0.53ng/ml QA: 6ng/ml
Standard range: KYNA: 1.40 – 74ng/ml / QA: 25 – 200ng/ml

96-w plate format // Low volume samples // Sensitive, easy-to-implement // Cross-validated with LC/MS

L-Serine ELISA kit


Sample: 20µl
LoD: 2.4µM
Standard range: 3.8 – 625µM


L-Lysine ELISA kit


Sample: 20µl
LoD: 13µM  (2.4µg/mL)
Standard range: 16 – 650µM  (3 – 118µg/mL)


L-Asparagine ELISA kit


Sample: 20µl
LoD: 2.3µM (0.30µg/mL)
Standard range: 4.4 – 375µM (0.6 – 49.5µg/mL)


Our catalog of small molecule antibodies & ELISA kits

Our catalog only features validated small molecule antibodies & ELISA kits. Selected for their specificity and affinity by ELISA, our antibodies enable rapid & robust detection and/or quantification of small molecules in various types of biological materials, including cells and lysates, tissues and homogenates, culture supernatants, plasma and serum samples.

Immusmol's News

Sep 2022

L-Histidine, a newcomer to our ELISA kits portfolio!

We developed and validated a new L-Histidine ELISA kit (#IS-I-1300R) which allows for L-His quantitation in plasma samples. The assay requires a low sample volume of 10μL and is characterized by a 1.4µM sensitivity.

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Sep 2022

Plasma L-Arginine levels assessed by ELISA predict response of cancer patients to immune checkpoint blockers

New highlight in Annals of Oncology!
In this study, Peyraud at al. show that plasmatic level of L-Arginine (Arg) is associated with clinical outcome of patients treated with immune checkpoint blockers (ICB). Using an ELISA approach for Arg quantification (#IS-I-0400R) applied on two independent cohorts, authors demonstrated that low plasmatic level of Arg was associated with a worse clinical outcome.  

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Jul 2022

Summer news – Get ready for September

Catch up on our top highlights from the first half of the year!

Hear about the expansion of our distribution network, our new ELISA kits for the quantification of Amino Acids as well as our products increasingly referenced!

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Jun 2022

Get a comprehensive and easy-to-access evaluation of the Kynurenine pathway by ELISA!

Among mechanisms associated with cancer immune evasion, the activation of the Kynurenine Pathway (KP) is known to play a key role and has thus been proposed as a therapeutic target to improve current immune checkpoint blockade-based immunotherapies.

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Jun 2022

Don’t miss this! 25% off any purchase on our Amino Acid ELISA kits

While amino acids (AA) play essential roles in several metabolic pathways, serving as key building blocks energy sources, the measurement of their free forms in biological fluids figures as a potential biomarker for numerous disease indications.

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May 2022

New arrival in our Amino Acid ELISA kits portfolio! L-Asparagine quantification made easy

We developed and validated a new L-Asparagine ELISA kit (#IS-I-1600R) which allows for L-Asn quantitation in plasma samples. The assay requires a low sample volume of 20μL and is characterized by a 2.3µM sensitivity.

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May 2022

We’re getting a new look!

After a full makeover our new website is live – we hope you enjoy it!

Visit it and browse into our catalog, new products, special offers and much more.

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Mar 2022

Kynurenine / Tryptophan ELISA pack recently cited in Cancer Discovery

Our Kynurenine/Tryptophan ELISA pack recently cited in Cancer Discovery in a publication written by Marta Galan-Diez et al. In this occasion, benefit from the spring sale on our Kynurenine / Tryptophan ELISA pack until April 30!

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Antibodies & immunoassays for small molecules

Founded in 2012 by Alban Bessede, PhD - Immunologist, Immusmol aims to become a natural choice for small molecule antibodies development. Supported by public institutions including BPI, Conseil Régional Nouvelle Aquitaine, as well as by its Co-founder Associate - SCHIEVER, Immusmol is established in Bordeaux, France.

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