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Custom rabbit polyclonal antibodies against small molecules

Immusmol develops rabbit polyclonal antibodies (pAbs) against any molecule under 900 Daltons: steroids, nucleotides, small molecule drugs, chemical pollutants, pesticide residues, etc.

Compatible with ELISA and IHC technologies, our pAbs represent inexpensive and easy-to-implement tools, allowing accurate and robust detection of small molecules in cells, tissues, and biological fluids.

Advantages of small molecule polyclonal antibodies

  • High affinity: rabbits generate highly affine polyclonal antibodies, thus maximizing the overall sensitivity of immunoassays.
  • Cross-species reactivity: small molecules are conserved throughout species. Polyclonal antibodies raised against small molecules are thus applicable to biological samples of any origin.
  • Low cost & rapid production: directly purified from rabbit serum, polyclonal antibodies represent a cost- and time-efficient alternative to monoclonal antibodies for research and diagnostic applications.

Small molecule pAbs: Immusmol’s added-value

  • A core expertise in antigen design: combining over 25 years of experience in the design of small molecule/protein carrier conjugates, our team develops cross-linking strategies to optimize immune response and subsequent antibody quality.
  • A standard 12-week production process: 2 rabbits, 4 immunizations, 2 bleeds.
  • Quality-controlled deliverables: each bleed is characterized by ELISA for titer, affinity and specificity. Based on ELISA results, the client determines the bleeds to be purified. We deliver 10 to 30 ml of purified lyophilized serum, other crude antisera and preimmune serum (control).

Additional options & services

Our standard polyclonal antibody production process can be customized to meet your specific needs. Complementary services include:

  • Additional rabbits for larger quantities
  • Antibody purification by antigen-specific affinity or protein A/G affinity
  • Antibody validation for IHC, ICC, IF, ELISA, …
  • Chemical labelling