Fast ELISA kit for histamine monitoring in fish samples Fast ELISA kit for histamine monitoring in fish samples HistaSure™ Elisa vs AOAC 977.13 fluorometric method

Fast ELISA kit for histamine monitoring in fish samples

Fast histamine ELISA test for fish and fish products - HistaSure™

Ref: FC-E-3600


This fast Histamine ELISA kit was validated and certified by the AOAC Research Institute as an effective method for the quantitative measurement of histamine in fresh, frozen, canned fish samples and fish meals. Performed within 30 minutes, the assay can detect histamine levels between 0,44 ppm and 300 ppm in any fish sample, thus complying with regulatory requirements.

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Sample type
10 g fresh fish, frozen fish, canned fish or fish meal
Samples/kit 40

0.44 ppm

Range 0 / 3.0 - 300 ppm
Assay time

25 min

Species reactivity Reacts with all species
Quantity 10+ 15+
Price/unit 176.00 170.00
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Product overview

Product name

Fast Histamine ELISA kit - Fish samples - HistaSure™

Description Fast-track Enzyme immunoassay (ELISA) for the quantitative determination of histamine levels in fresh fish, frozen fish, canned fish or fish meals.
Labels AOAC Performance Tested Method #021402
Format 48-well plate
Samples 10g fish sample
Cross specie-reactivity React with all species
Standard range 0 / 3.0 - 300 ppm

0.44 ppm


No significant cross-reactivity was observed with Histamine analogs such as L-Tryptophan, Tryptamine, 3-Methyl-Histamine, L-Histidine, L-Tyrosine, L-Phenylalanine, Tyramine, Cadaverine, Spermine, Putrescine, Trimethylamine.

Assay time Sample acylation 5 min, ELISA 20 min
Storage Store at 2-8°C for up to 12 months.
Datasheets Instructions for useMaterial safety datasheet

Key steps

Sample collection & storage

Fresh/Frozen fish: keep fish frozen until analysis. Thaw samples under refrigeration or in cold water (no heated water bath). Store samples refrigerated (2-8°C) prior to testing. Blend samples until homogeneous.

Canned fish: Blend can content until homogeneous.

Canned marine products packed in oil, sauce, brine or broth: Drain for 2 minutes and blend until homogeneous.

Fish meal: Blend sample until homogeneous.


Weigh 10 g of sample, add 240 ml ultra-pure water and homogenize for 1-2 minutes with blender. Filter/centrifuge homogeneate. Use 50µl of extract for acylation.

Acylation Pipette 50µl of control(s) and sample extracts in wells. Add acylation buffer. Incubate with acylation reagent for 5min at RT on a shaker.
ELISA Histamine antiserum incubation (10 min), revelation and read steps (20 min).
Detailed protocol Download instructions for use


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