Epinephrine – Norepinephrine ELISA kit – Fast – Plasma & Urine samples

Ref: BA-E-6500
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This Epinephrine/Norepinephrine ELISA kit is tailored for the rapid measurement of Adrenaline (Epinephrine) and Noradrenaline (Norepinephrine) in urine and plasma samples. Intended for in vitro diagnostics, this fast-track quantitative immunoassay enables to determine Epinephrine & Norepinephrine levels in up to 40 samples within 4 hours.

Sample type10µl urine, 300µl plasma
Samples/kit40 samples in duplicate
SensitivityEpinephrine: 0.3ng/ml urine, 10pg/ml plasma
Norepinephrine: 1.5ng/ml urine, 50pg/ml plasma
RangeEpinephrine: 1 – 200ng/ml
Norepinephrine: 5 – 1 000ng/ml
Assay timeSample extraction and acylation (65 min), ELISA (3h)
ReactivityReacts with all species
CitationsNot yet cited

2 x 96 wells

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In Vitro Diagnostics (EU), Research Use Only




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Product overview

Product nameEpinephrine-Norepinephrine ELISA kit – Urine/Plasma – Fast-Track
DescriptionIn vitro diagnostics & Research enzyme immunoassay (ELISA) for the rapid determination of Adrenaline and Noradrenaline levels in plasma and urine samples
LabelsIVD, CE, RUO
Format2 x 96-well plate
SamplesUrine, Plasma
Sample volume10µl urine, 300µl plasma
ReactivityReacts with all species
Standard rangeEpinephrine: 0 / 1 – 200ng/ml
Norepinephrine: 0 / 5 – 1 000ng/ml

Epinephrine: 0.3ng/ml urine, 10pg/ml plasma; Norepinephrine: 1.5ng/ml urine, 50pg/ml plasma

SpecificityNo significant cross-reactivity was observed with Epinephrine and Norepinephrine analogs such as Dopamine, Metanephrine, Normetanephrine, 3-Methoxytyramine, 3-Methoxy-4-hydroxyphenylglycol, Tyramine, Phenylalanine, Caffeinic acid, L-Dopa, Homovanillic acid, Tyrosine and 3-Methoxy-4-hydroxymandelic acid
Assay time4 hours
StorageStore at 2-8°C for to 6 months
DatasheetsInstructions for useMaterial safety datasheet


Sample collection & storagePlasma: EDTA-Plasma samples only. Do not use haemolytic or lipemic samples. Storage: up to 6 hours at 2 – 8°C; for longer periods (up to 6 months) at – 20°C

Urine: Spontaneous or 24-hours urine, collected in a bottle containing 10-15 mL of 6 M HCl. Storage: for longer periods (up to 6 months) at -20°C

Sample preparationSample preparation, extractiion and acylation (65min)
ELISAEpinephrine/Norepinephrine antiserum incubation (2H), revelation and read steps (1h)
Detailed protocolDownload instructions for use

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