STAINperfect – Trial pack

Ref: SP-T-0001
IFStaining kits

The trial pack STAINperfect allows testing the STAINperfect immunostaining kit A in combination with 2 primary antibodies to key neurotransmitters and small molecules. The kit is provided with all necessary reagents and protocols to test the STAINperfect procedure in cell cultures, whole mounts and brain tissue sections.

Contents 1x STAINperfect immunostaining kit A
2x 25µl antibody vials
Number of stainings Cell cultures : 1x 96 well-plate
Whole mounts : 20 samples
Tissue sections: 40 slides

1 kit


Dopamine rabbit pAb - IS1005

GABA rabbit pAb - IS1006

Serotonin rabbit pAb - IS1007

Normetanephrine rabbit pAb - IS1028

L-Glutamate mouse mAb - IS018

L-Glutamate rabbit pAb - IS1001

D-Glutamate rabbit pAb - IS1002

Octopamine rabbit pAb - IS1033

Glycine rabbit pAb - IS1034

GABA chicken pAb - IS1036

Serotonin goat pAb - IS1035

Noradrenaline rabbit pAb - IS1042

L-DOPA rabbit pAb - IS1030

3-methoxytyramine rabbit pAb - IS1019

L-Serine rabbit pAb - IS1003

D-Serine rabbit pAb - IS1004

Tryptophan mouse mAb - IS011

Serotonin mouse mAb - IS040

GABA mouse mAb - IS039

L-Glutamine rabbit pAb - IS1060

L-Ornithine rabbit pAb - IS1059

L-Arginine rabbit pAb - IS1055

L-Homoarginine rabbit pAb - IS1025

L.Tyrosine rabbit pAb - IS1037

L.Phenyl-Alanine rabbit pAb - IS1038

Histamine rabbit pAb - IS1039

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Product overview

Product name STAINperfect Neurotransmiters – Immunostaining Trial Pack
Description Trial offer consisting of a STAINperfect immunostaining kit A and 2 primary antibodies in 25µl format.
Eligible samples Cell cultures, whole mounts, tissue sections (any species)
Number of stainings Cell cultures : 1x 96 well-plate
Whole mounts : 20 samples
Tissue sections: 40 slides

Store at 4C° until use

Restriction For research use only

IF – Cell cultures, Whole mounts, Tissue sections Dilute antibodies with the antibody diluent provided in the STAINperfect immunostaining kit A. Use at 1/250 -1/1000 dilution. Follow the STAINperfect protocol suited to your sample.
Comments Optimal working dilutions must be determined by the end-user. Third-party anti-rabbit secondary antibody required.
Instructions for Use
for cell cultures
for whole mounts
for tissue sections

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