Phenyl-L.Alanine imaging in mouse embryonic midbrain neurons (E13.5) Phenyl-L.Alanine imaging in mouse embryonic midbrain neurons (E13.5) Affinity & specificity of anti-L-Phenyl-Alanine antibody

Phenyl-L.Alanine imaging in mouse embryonic midbrain neurons (E13.5)

Using STAINperfect immunostaining kit A, Phenyl-L.Alanine (green) was detected within mouse embryonic midbrain neurons (E13.5) following the protocol optimized for whole mount samples. Stainings were performed using ImmuSmol rabbit anti-Phenyl-L.Alanine polyclonal Ab (IS1038). Fluorescent conjugated antibodies were used and images acquired by confocal imaging.

L.Phenyl-Alanine antibody - Rabbit polyclonal Ab

Ref: IS1038

The anti-L.Phenyl-Alanine antibody IS1038 is a rabbit polyclonal antibody developped to be highly affine and specific. In combination with optimal samples preparation using STAINperfect immunostaining kit A, this antibody allows direct L.Tyrosine visualization in whole mount, tissue sections.


Clonality Polyclonal antibody
Host Rabbit
Species reactivity Reacts with all species
Tested samples whole mount, tissue sections & ELISA
Staining procedure STAINperfect immunostaining kit A
Format 50µL (approx. 40 tissue sections)
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Product name L.Phenyl-Alanine antibody

Anti-L.Phenyl-Alanine polyclonal antibody

(S)-2-Amino-3-phenyl propionic acid polyclonal antibody

Immunogen Conjugated L.Phenyl-Alanine
Specificity When tested in competitive ELISA, the anti-conjugated L.Tyrosine antibody do not show significant cross-reactivity with several competitors including L.Tyrosine and L.DOPA conjugates.
Lot number









Purity Purified anti-serum
Storage buffer

Store at +4°C for short term (1-2 months). Aliquot and store at -20°C for long term. Avoid repeated freeze / thaw cycles.

Material safety datasheet Download MSDS


IF - Cell cultures, Whole mounts, Tissue sections

Dilute antibody with the antibody diluent provided in the STAINperfect immunostaining kit A. Use at 1/250 -1/1000 dilution. Follow the STAINperfect protocol suited to your sample


Optimal working dilutions must be determined by the end-user

Restrictions For research use only
Full protocol Download STAINperfect protocol for L.Phenyl-Alanine staining


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Download L.Phenyl-Alanine staining protocol for tissue sections Download L.Phenyl-Alanine staining protocol for whole mounts Download L.Phenyl-Alanine staining protocol fo



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