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Kynurenine/Tryptophan ratio ELISA in IDOi-treated mice

Plasma samples were collected from MCA205 tumor-bearing mice treated with either vehicle or IDO inhibitor (GDC-0919) and determination of kynurenine to tryptophan ratio (KTR)

Kynurenine/Tryptophan ratio ELISA pack

Ref: ISE-2227

The Kynurenine/Tryptophan ratio ELISA pack enables quantitative measurements of tryptophan catabolism along the kynurenine pathway in large numbers of samples. The two kits included in the pack are ready to use. Highly sensitive, with a minimum sample volume of 20µl, they permit the performance of longitudinal studies in mice.


Sample type
Plasma, Serum, Cell culture supernatant, (Urine)
Kit capacity 2 x 96 tests

LoD KYN: < 47.5 ng/ml
< 1.2µg/ml


KYN: 0/100 - 10000 ng/ml
TRP: 2.5 - 250 µg/ml

Species reactivity Reacts with all species
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Product overview

Product name

Kynurenine/Tryptophan ratio ELISA pack

Description Two enzyme immunoassays (ELISA) allowing the quantitative determination of L-Kynurenine to L-Tryptophan ratio in urine, plasma and serum samples.
Labels CE
Format 2 x 96-well plate
Samples Plasma, serum, cell culture supernatant, (Urine)
Minimum sample volume 20 µL
Cross specie-reactivity React with all species
Standard range KYN: 0/100 - 10000 ng/ml
TRP: 2.5 - 250 µg/ml

LoD KYN: < 47.5 ng/ml
LoD TRP: < 1.2µg/ml


No significant cross-reactivity was observed with L-Tryptophan and L-Kynurenine analogs. See product pages for L-Kynurenine ELISA and L-Tryptophan ELISA.

Storage Store at 2-8°C for to 6 months.
Datasheets Instructions for use - TRP kit, Instructions for use -KYN kit

Key steps

Sample collection & storage

Plasma/Serum: EDTA-, Heparin- or Citrate- samples stored at 2-8°C for up to 48h or -20°C for longer period (up to 6 months)

Sample preparation

KYN: Sample acylation (90 min)
TRP: Sample precipitation (15 min) and derivatization (2h)

ELISA Antisera overnight incubation, revelation and read steps (1h).
Detailed protocol Instructions for use - TRP kit, Instructions for use - KYN kit


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Dear Sir, Has this ELISA kit been used and validated in humans? I see it is for all species, but would like to know any information on the use in humans. Thank you. Jin Hyong Jin Cho, MD, PhD
Dear Dr Jin Hyong Cho, Many thanks for your interest. The IS-2227 pack is made of 2 kits : the Kynurenine ELISA kit BA-E-2200 and the Tryptophan ELISA kit BA-E-2700. The Tryptophan ELISA kit is an in vitro diagnostics product, intended for clinical use. The Kynurenine ELISA kit is for research use only. However, it has been used to analyze human samples (see cross-validation data with GC-MS on product page). Given that amino acids and their metabolites are preserved across species, the two kits can suit samples from any origin. I hope this helps.  With best regards, Alban

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